Why Plantation Shutters Are Ideal for Use in Bedrooms

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Plantation shutters can work well with any room in a house. But when installed in a bedroom, the unique advantages offered by plantation shutters can really begin to pay dividends.

If you aren't sure which window treatment is right for your bedroom, then consider the following advantages offered by plantation shutters

They offer a second layer of security for windows

If a burglar can't break in through the door, they'll attempt to gain entry through the windows. But with plantation shutters on the interior side of your windows, burglars will struggle to gain entry. If you want to feel more secure while sleeping, plantation shutters are ideal for your bedroom windows.

They can block light from outside

Some people like to sleep a little longer in the mornings. But natural light flooding in to a bedroom can make sleeping during the day difficult. Plantation shutters, when installed by a professional, can shut out light from outside completely. And if you have a problem with artificial light streaming into your bedroom at night, plantation shutters can help to block that light too.

They help to improve ventilation

Because of the extra layer of security that plantation shutters offer, you'll be more comfortable with leaving your windows open a little on hot days or nights. Your plantation shutters can stay closed, but you can adjust the louvres to let in some fresh, cool air. This ability will help you to sleep better at night.

They improve the level of privacy

Curtains are not very effective at giving you natural light while conserving your privacy. You need to sacrifice some of your privacy in order to let in a suitable amount of light. Plantation shutters don't have this issue. You can keep your plantation shutters closed and simply adjust the louvres to let in as much or as little natural light as you wish, all while keeping prying eyes out.

They act as a sound barrier

Plantation shutters can also help to keep noise pollution out of your bedroom when you are trying to sleep. This is a useful advantage if you live in an area that is noisy at night, such as near a busy road or airport.

They save space

Plantation shutters only take up the space over your windows. They don't hang into the room like curtains or drapes do. This makes them great for small bedrooms that have limited space for furniture. And while you lie in bed, the room won't feel so cramped.

If you are thinking of changing your home's window treatments, consider adding plantation shutters to your bedroom windows. The range of benefits they offer makes them uniquely suited to bedrooms.

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