Four Advantages of Exterior Blinds

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Although many people prefer blinds on the inside to act as a conventional window treatment, outdoor blinds are usually just as effective. In fact, they are becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world because they are able to achieve a different sort of interior décor look. Some experts estimate that the global market for them looks set to be very buoyant in the next few years. If you are thinking about fitting exterior blinds to your offices or home, then what are the main benefits you can expect from them?

1. Energy Efficiency

In the strong Australian sun, outdoor blinds often come into their own in the summer months because they reduce the heat levels inside from the outside. By simply dropping your exterior blinds down over your windows – even partially – they can help to maintain a more even temperature inside without needing to rely on air-conditioning units working overtime. This will mean using less electrical energy in turn, thereby lowering your utility bills. Of course, the reverse is also true in winter because exterior blinds help to reduce thermal losses, so they make your home more efficient to heat.

2. Added Protection

Harsh weather, whether it is driving winds or strong UV light, can do its share of damage. Windows will often face the brunt of such problems. Glass can crack and window frames can become worn. With a set of outdoor blinds to protect them, your windows should remain in better condition. Inside, you'll get less glare from sunlight, which will also help to protect upholstery and wallpaper from fading.

3. Create Outdoor Zones

If you have a verandah or a pergola, then a set of exterior blinds will mean you can turn these spaces into their own zones. By dropping your outdoor blinds when you want them, you can, in effect, create an extra room or two for your property, something that will push its value up if you wanted to sell it down the line.

4. Additional Privacy

Many people would like to feel that they are not overlooked when they are inside their homes. If your windows face a busy street or you have neighbouring properties that can see inside your home, then you might want to shut out these lines of sight. This is exactly what you can achieve with a set of outdoor blinds. Some will even allow you to continue to see out and let some light in while affording you with a greater sense of privacy.

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