Why Install Stacker Sliding Doors on Your Patio?

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If you want to install doors out onto a patio, then you have various designs to choose from. While some homeowners go for a simple door that opens out, many people prefer to use a sliding door. If you have a large enough space, you can even install a bank of doors that opens up more space between your home and patio.

If this option is appealing, then think about using a stacker system. How do these doors work and what are their benefits?

How Do Stacker Sliding Doors Work?

If you install a set of stacker sliding doors, then you have multiple door panels between your home and the outside area. The first panel is typically bigger than the other doors in the set. Each door has its own set of tracks.

So, if you have a set of two stacker doors, then you pull open the first door to sit over the next one. The next door then opens and moves along. If you use the whole space, then any doors you have open stack in the same place in a row once they are fully opened.

You can usually pick and choose how many stacker doors you have open at a time. You can open one, some or all of them.

What Are The Advantages of Sliding Stacker Doors?

Like any multiple sliding door configuration, stacker doors allow you to open up both small and wide areas between your home and your patio. You get more control over how much of your home you open up to the outside world.

So, for example, you can open one door a little to let in some air. You can open it fully if you want more air or outdoor access. This is handy on cooler days when you want a ventilation boost without making your home too cold. Or, if you want to let in maximum air or light or want to blend your indoor space with your patio area, then you can open all the doors.

Stacker doors also work well if you want to configure your sliding doors in an unusual way. Regular systems tend to open from one side of the wall's door frame; however, you can set up stacker doors to open in different places.

For example, you could have a fixed central panel with stacker doors opening from each side. The doors will stack neatly away behind the fixed panel.

To find out more about stacker patio doors and how they can enhance your outdoor access, contact sliding doors specialists.