How to Get More Sunlight Into Your Home Without Fitting New Windows

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If you would like to create a light and airy feeling in your home, then the obvious thing to do is to fit more windows. However, it is not always possible to do this. For example, you might have a wall which overlooks a neighbouring property, which means that fitting a window would result in creating a direct line of sight across the properties. In other cases, you might have an internal room which does not have an external wall where it would be impossible to fit a window. In such circumstances, what are your best options for allowing more sunlight into your home?


To begin with, skylights are the ideal way of flooding your home with sunlight without going to the trouble of installing new windows. These products can be fitted into a flat roof as well as a pitched one, so they are incredibly versatile. What's more, skylights will allow even more sunlight into your home than a similarly sized window. This is because skylights face upwards and, therefore, are able to allow even more sunlight in than a window would, especially during the summer months when the sun is high in the sky.

Glazed Doors

Another option for allowing more sunlight into your home without fitting new windows is to replace your current doors with glazed ones. After all, glazed external doors provide an additional pane of glass, and you don't need to have any structural alterations to the home to fit them. If you feel that having a glazed front or back door will have a negative impact on your privacy, then you can always opt for frosted glass. Although this means the amount of light will be diminished slightly, it is not a big problem for most homeowners. Likewise, if you are dealing with an internal room which has no external doorway, then fitting a glazed internal door will allow you to borrow light from the adjacent room, meaning that you get more hours per day with natural light before you need to turn on your electric lights.

Light Tunnels

Increasingly popular in Australia these days, so-called light tunnels are a practical alternative solution that is similar to standard skylights. You will sometimes also see these referred to as solar tubes. Either way, they have a collector which you fit on the roof or the external wall of your building. The collector then transmits the light it has captured down a highly polished metallic pipe where it will be delivered inside your home. Light tunnels can even send light around bends to get it to where you want it. Usually, a diffuser is placed at the end of the light pipe so that it is not too dazzling and looks like a natural light fitting.