Patio Doors – Your Buying Guide

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Patio doors are extremely popular in Australia because they connect the interior of homes to the outside in a way that conventional doors simply do not. Given that Australian culture is largely centred around the great outdoors and large numbers of people in the country like to enjoy a barbecue with friends in their back garden, it is hardly surprising that patio doors are so approved of. Before deciding which sort of patio doors you will choose from your local supplier, what are the key things you ought to take into consideration?

Choose the Right Type

When it comes to choosing the right sort of glazed door for your home, it is worth noting that most sliding doors suppliers are able to provide you with plenty of choices. As well as conventional sliding patio doors, there are bi-folding doors and French doors. Sliding doors suppliers are the right place to turn if you want a large expanse of glass so you can enjoy the view. French doors tend to be best if you want a stylish look but aren't so worried about an uninterrupted vista. Bi-folding doors will suit households that will use their doors throughout the winter as well as the summer because they are extremely flexible when opening and closing them.

Consider Security

Most sliding door suppliers would agree that the level of security their products offer is second to none. With modern locking mechanisms that can keep a sliding door held in position firmly once the key has been turned, sliding doors are virtually impossible to get past. Those which have several anchor points around the frame cannot be forced open from the outside. On the other hand, French doors are generally considered to be less secure and more susceptible to being prised open with a crowbar. Bi-folding doors are also secure but you need to upgrade the locking mechanisms they are supplied with to have something that is as burglar-proof as sliding patio doors.

Windproof Glazed Doors

Many people need to replace their patio doors because they have been caught by a gust of wind and become damage. Strong winds can cause glazed doors to shatter on impact and will even bend UPVC frames if the gust is powerful enough. French doors are the worst in this regard, and sometimes, bi-folding doors can suffer the same problem. On the other hand, because they have no hinges, sliding patio doors do not suffer from this issue – well worth considering if your home is in an exposed area.

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