The Benefits Fitting Louvres to Your Windows

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There are all sorts of ways to improve the ventilation of your home. Extractor fans and vents in the frames of your double glazing units will provide your home with a good deal of airflow. However, there are few better ways of getting plenty of air to circulate around your home than simply opening your windows. Without proper air flow, you can get moisture building up inside your property, which can lead to problems like musty smells and mildew, especially in your kitchen and your bathroom. One of the best ways to prevent this is to have louvred windows fitted. Why is a louvre window system preferable to conventional fenestration units?

Prevent Unwarranted Access

One of the major advantages of a louvre in your window is that you can open it for greater air circulation without worrying about security issues. With a conventional hinged window, it is possible for an intruder to climb through. This is not the case with a louvred window, which has glazed slats that prevent anyone from getting in. Although they have this additional security feature as a part of the design, you do not have to compromise on the amount of air that comes through. This is so much better than placing a conventional window on its latch so that just a tiny crack around the frame allows air to flow in from outside. 

Shut Out Unwanted Light

Another key part of many window systems that use louvres is that you can use them for blocking out light. For example, an Altair louvre system can be made from either glass or aluminium slats. Altair louvre windows, therefore, work very well when fitted into the roofline of your building where they can act as their own window treatment. For instance, you can have them shut fully at night whilst opening them up during the day to allow both light and air in. As such, louvred windows of this type tend to be fairly commonplace in Australia when they are chosen for loft conversions.

Architecturally Pleasing

As an architectural feature, louvred windows are second-to-none. You can use them on a floor-to-ceiling basis, which not only looks good, but also helps to provide such a high level of airflow that you won't need so many unsightly air-conditioning units. In fact, so-called window walls are perfectly possible with louvred windows, which look just as good in retail environments as they do in domestic settings.