What You Get When You Use Perforated Security Screens on Windows

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Security screens are a must-have for any home, whether they're installed on the door or on the window. They ensure that your home is physically protected from insects, vandalism, and unwanted entry. However, when you want to buy a security screen for your windows, there are certain factors to consider such as the type of screen material to use, the possibility of including mesh, the finishing of the screens and the durability of the security screen. Most importantly, you need to consider the advantages that you will get from spending money to install a security screen onto your windows. Below are the massive benefits that you will get from using perforated security screens on your windows.


The whole point of buying a security screen is to improve the safety of your home. Contrary to widespread assumption, perforated screens are just as competent as any other screen. They are made from durable materials such as steel that cannot be broken. It will keep criminals out regardless of whether the windows are open or not. It will also protect your windows from being broken by vandals.

Increased privacy

Everybody values their privacy; some are more protective of it than others. Unfortunately, people cannot help but look through an open door or window. For this reason, someone may not be free to open their windows. However, people looking through your window will not be your worry if you have perforated screens, because no one can see through them.

Increased ventilation and flow of natural light

Usually, for fear of insecurity, a person may be scared to open their doors and windows, therefore depriving themselves of thriving in natural air and light. However, when you have meshed or perforated security screens, you can confidently open your windows and let air and light flow freely.

They keep unwanted objects and debris away

Other than preventing vandals and thieves from gaining access into your house, a quality security screen that has been perforated will also keep unwanted things from getting into your home. For instance, in the warmer seasons, insects such as mosquitoes become a common nuisance. Therefore, to keep them out you may need to keep your windows closed. However, if you have perforated security screens, the windows will remain open while keeping them out. Another example is when there are typical Australian storms and strong winds that send small objects and debris flying all over. In such an event, having a perforated screen will let you comfortably sit with your windows open.

Adds value to your house

When you install a security screen, whether perforated or not, the value of your home increases.