4 Advantages of having Security Doors with Screens Instead of Glass or Bars

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There are different kinds of security doors available, but the three main categories are screens, glass and bars. All three of these security doors are functional and safe to use. However, security doors with screens have a few advantages over the other two examples. The following are some of them.

1. More Protection 

Security doors with screens have a lower chance of being manipulated from the outside as compared to glass and bars security doors. For doors with bars, an intruder can pass their hands through the spaces and open the main door of the house or even pull something from inside the house if the main door is already open. A glass door can be broken to give access to the main door. Security doors with screens, however, have very small spaces between to allow a hand through, and they are not easily broken. You can comfortably leave your main door open without worrying about anything.

2. More Privacy

Security doors with screens offer more privacy than glass and bars. You can choose to tint your glass security doors or cover them with blinders, but that will come at an extra cost. Bars, on the other hand, cannot be adequately covered. Unless you always have your main doors closed, people from the outside can see through your doors. Security doors with screens, however, minimise and obstruct any external visuals of your house. They act as blinders by themselves. You can have your main door open and be assured that the security and privacy of your house have not been compromised.

3. Cheaper to buy

Security doors with screens are cheaper to buy and install that glass or bar security doors. When you are operating on a tight budget, consider security doors with screens. Although glass and bar security doors may be more superior when it comes to aesthetics, they are still much more expensive.

4. Easier to Maintain

All you need to maintain security doors with screens is soapy water and an occasional vacuum cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will help in removing trapped dust in between the spaces of the screen. You may not even need to vacuum with some screens because the spaces are big enough to be washed by hand or brush. While glass doors require a whole lot of care because of their fragility and bar door requiring frequent greasing and painting to avoid corrosion, security doors with screens just need to be cleaned.