Are Window Screens A Necessary Addition To Your Home?

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Windows may be a standard structural requirement for all homes, but not many people pay particular attention to them. As long as you have chosen window furnishings, chances are you do not consider how else to improve on them for the overall comfortability of your home. However, there are an array of accessories that you could utilise to boost the functionality of your windows.

Window screens are one such solution. Contrary to popular belief, window screens do not make your home look like a garrison. Instead, they can be highly beneficial. This article will expound on a few advantages that illustrate why window screens would actually be a necessary addition to your home.

Augment airflow inside your home

Leaving your windows wide open would enhance airflow into your home. However, most homeowners will keep their windows shut as leaving them open translates into having to contend with a host of pests. Closed windows can be especially frustrating during the sweltering summer when thermal gain occurs inside your home, but you also do want to be assaulted by flies, mosquitoes and other summertime critters. With window screens, you get the opportunity increase the circulation of air inside your home while filtering out any unwanted bugs simultaneously.

Minimise dirt and pollutants in your home

A second reason why all homes would benefit from window screens is that they steadily minimise the amount of grime that gets into your home. As the wind blows through your windows, it can carry with it airborne particles of dirt, debris, sand, pollen and an array of other pollutants. Therefore, if you like leaving your windows open, you will notice that your home needs dusting and cleaning on a very frequent basis. People who do not have the time for rigorous cleaning or just do not like to engage in house chores constantly would greatly benefit from window screens as the barriers will keep the grime out. The smaller the mesh of the screens, the more particles will be prevented from floating into your home.

Boost the security of your windows

Another advantage of window screens is that they are a practical way of boosting the overall safety of your home. Potential home invaders will typically try to breach your property through the windows. Since screens are fitted snugly on the frame of the window, it becomes harder to gain unauthorised access to your home as just breaking the window glass will not work. Moreover, you can opt for sturdy materials such as steel that would deter any opportunistic intruders.