Bifold Doors: Three Maintenance Practices for Optimal Performance and Longevity

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If you are interested in improving the indoor-outdoor transition in your home, you should think about installing bi-fold doors. These elements have clear glass which links the outdoor space to the interior rooms without compromising security. Moreover, this type of structure is beneficial for promoting natural light flow into the house. In general, bifold doors are durable and will retain their natural aesthetics for long. However, if you neglect proper upkeep of the features, accelerated degradation will occur. Here are essential maintenance practices for optimal performance and longevity of the bifold doors.

Cleaning the Structural Glass

Proper cleaning of the glass installed in the bifold doors will promote the aesthetics of the feature. If you neglect this maintenance task, the windows will form unsightly fingerprint marks, splashes and layers of dust. Ideally, you should use a commercial window cleaning agent for optimal results. However, home solutions like soapy water can be used to achieve good results. If you would like to obtain a streak-free finish, you should use squeegees or microfiber cloths for wiping the glass. Scrunched paper such as old newspapers will also create a fabulous finish. Avoid using kitchen towels because they will leave lint.

Maintaining the Door Frames

The maintenance demands of the bifold door frames will depend on the specific material used to fabricate the elements. In general, these doors are built with aluminium, timber and PVC framing. If you have the plastic type, cleaning will be quite simple. You can wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth and perhaps, a commercial cleaning agent. If you have timber or aluminium frames, you have to be more cautious with your cleaning processes. 

These materials are vulnerable to damage when exposed to adverse solutions or abrasive tools. Ideally, you should use warm water and some mild detergent. Use a sponge or a soft cloth to clean the surfaces and then allow them to dry. If there are stains, you can use speciality commercial solutions. However, you should consult the manufacturer of supplier first. If the coating on the wood or aluminium frames wears off, you should consider refinishing.

Clearing the Tracks

You should keep the tracks on which the bifold doors move clear from debris. Particles can impede the smooth movement of the panels during operation. For the best results, use a vacuum nozzle to suction the collected dust. Some manufacturer and dealers might also recommend lubrication of the channels with silicon-based sprays. If you are uncertain about the appropriate lubricant, consult your supplier for advice.