Pros and Cons of Different Exterior Bi-fold Door Frame Materials

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When choosing a patio entryway for your home, you may want to consider bi-fold doors rather than a sliding glass door. Bi-fold doors allow you to fold all the door sections out of the way, opening up the entire space and creating lots of room for foot traffic, and allowing you an unobstructed view to the outside.

When you are ready to choose bi-fold doors, you'll need to decide on a frame material. You have many different options available, including wood and aluminium, or you may even opt for frameless glass. Note a few tips on how to decide the right frames for your doors so they fit your home's overall appearance and work well in the space.


Aluminium has the advantage of being resistant to rust and corrosion, so it's good if you have a pool near the patio or if you live in the tropics with lots of rain and high humidity. Aluminium is also very lightweight, so it may be a better option for those who may physically struggle to open a long line of heavy doors, including those with arthritis or back issues.

Aluminium is also a good choice when you have a wood deck, as it's often difficult to get wood pieces to match completely. Wood doors against a wood deck may also seem like too much wood in one spot, so consider aluminium doors instead.


Wood offers a very natural appearance that may enhance your view when the doors are closed. Wood will always be timeless and can be a durable option. The material is very heavy, however, and will need a new coat of sealant on a regular basis, so keep that cost in mind if you decide on wood frames.


Frameless bi-fold doors offer you an unobstructed view to the outside, which is good if you have nice landscaping on your property. They also work well with any patio flooring, including a wood deck, stone pavers, concrete, and the like.

However, note that frameless doors can sometimes be surprisingly heavy, as the glass used for these doors is toughened or laminated, so it's rather thick. You might also consider the constant cleaning that would be needed, especially if you have children or pets who press their hands, noses, or paws against the door. Aluminium and wood frames don't show these marks as easily, so they may need less cleaning over time.