Fun Tips for Sprucing Up Plain Mirrors Around the House

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Mirrors are a great choice to use in any dark space of the home, and even in small rooms, mirrors can reflect a light source and make a room seem larger as well as brighter. A good way to add a unique touch to mirrors is to start with frameless mirrors and then add some personal decoration; note a few fun tips for doing this in your home.

In the bathroom

A nautical theme is a favourite in the bathroom, so stock up on seashells from a craft supply store. Use construction adhesive to attach the shells to the mirror, as this adhesive will stand up to the steam and humidity of a bathroom. Don't use too many shells around any one mirror, as they can quickly look busy; you might even add them along one side or just along the bottom of a mirror for a unique look. If you don't like the look of seashells, look for thick brown twine, like you would use on a sailboat, and glue that around the mirror's edge.

In the bedroom

For a soft look in the bedroom, try strands of colourful beads you can glue around the mirror's edge; you can usually get these beads at any craft or hobby supply store. Be sure to choose thick beads that will hide the glue behind them, and opt for a tone that matches your bedroom's linens and paint colour.

Another way to add softness to a mirror in the bedroom is to glue a thick velvet bow to its top or bottom. Choose something oversized so it stands out, and hang the mirror over the bed so it doesn't reflect light into your eyes at night.


Add a glass shelf along the bottom of your mirror, the same width as the mirror itself. You can then display small figurines or framed photographs on the shelf to give the mirror depth. Candles are also a good choice, as the mirror will reflect their soft glow and add a bit of cosiness to the space.

Window look

To create the look of a window, use lengths of scrap wood that you paint any desired colour, and then glue them along the edge of your frameless mirror. Next, glue some lengths on the front of the mirror to create the look of window grilles or panes. This is an especially nice idea for windowless rooms, as it tricks the eye into thinking that there is now a window in the space!