Why You Need to Take a Second Look at Double Glazing

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Do you consider that double glazing is superfluous to your needs because you live in such a temperate part of the country? It's amazing how many native Australians believe that this type of window treatment is only found in jolly old and freezing cold England. Yet you may be missing out on some of the hidden benefits associated with double glazing if you believe this. What should you be considering?

It's Not All about the Cold

Principally, you need to make sure that the internal temperature of your home is controlled at all times. You may not have frigid air outside, but you will invariably have some very hot conditions during certain parts of the year. Double glazing will work particularly well in keeping that heat outside. Remember, the general design has two different panes of glass with a void in between. This void is filled with an inert gas and the entire unit is hermetically sealed. It's virtually impossible from energy on one side to get to the other, as a consequence.

Keeping out Unwanted Intruders

You will find that double glazed windows gives you additional security, as most thieves are opportunists. They will be looking for the simplest way to get into your home and won't want to mess with two different layers of double glazing. Some criminals try to remove a pane of glass to get access, but this is practically impossible with this type of structure.

Keeping out Noise

Australia can be a noisy place, especially if you live in one of the big cities, near a highway or major airport. You can get some significant acoustic benefit from fitting double glazing in this situation. It's also possible to choose glass that is thicker for specific panes in certain rooms, should you have more of a noise issue in a certain part of your home.

Value for Money

Double glazing can be seen as an investment and is certainly long-lasting. You will have few, if any, maintenance concerns and can amortise the cost over a number of years. Expect these windows to last for a couple of generations and add value to your home, as a consequence.

Is This for You?

So, even though you don't expect a frigid cold snap anytime soon, look at all the other benefits of double glazing and have a word with an experienced installer, to kit out your home.