Is Window Tinting the Right Choice for Your Home?

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Window tinting, or adding privacy film to the windows, can be a very good choice for many homes today. It's an affordable alternative to new windows, and this tint or film can offer many advantages that homeowners may not even realize. Note a few of those advantages here, as well as who may need window tinting or this type of film in their home, so you can determine if this is a good choice for your home's windows:


Do you work from home, or have a large entertainment centre in one of the rooms? If so, is there often a glare on the computer screen or TV screen?

Closing curtains aren't always the best option in these cases, as you may still want some sunlight and a view to the outside, even when working or watching a movie. Window tinting is a very good choice for a living room, home theatre or home office; you can have a clear view of the computer or TV screen without feeling as if you're missing out on daylight hours or sitting in a cave!

Headaches and skin irritation

If your home is too warm or there is too much sunlight coming through the windows, you may be prone to headaches. Even if you don't get actual migraines, your eyes can squint and otherwise react to bright sunlight, and increased body temperature in a warm room can mean painful headaches.

Some people are also so sensitive to sunlight that their skin may suffer a sunburn just from sitting in their own home, in front of a large, exposed window! Not only is this uncomfortable, but it's also very dangerous.

Thick blackout curtains may not be a good choice; as said above, you might not want to feel as if you're sitting in a cave all day, just to avoid headaches and protect your skin. However, window film or tinting that is meant to block out the sun's UV rays can mean less bothersome light and heat, so you can enjoy the space without those headaches.


An older home may have windows that seem dull and gray. After some time, windows often develop small scratches and other damage that leave them looking streaky and discoloured, even if they're actually clean. If you can't afford to replace these windows, window film or tint can help to cover them so they don't look as unsightly, and may enhance the view from both the interior and exterior of the home.

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